Album: "Treason to Our Nature" - Digital Download

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Album Cover with logo.png

Album: "Treason to Our Nature" - Digital Download


Shapeshifters of Norse/Magyar folklore combine acoustic instrumentals with electronic synths to produce animalistic, primal soundscapes. The album tells the saga of three nature spirits caught up in a war between Mother Nature and human technology. Include album cover and pdf of album artwork and insert.

Digital copy of our debut album “Treason to Our Nature". 8 tracks in .wav format. Total length: 56’54”. Includes digital file album cover.

Track Listing:

01 Vox Terrae
02 The River Bricolage
03 “Be Forsaken, Shapechanger”
04 Blue Ritual
05 Lament on Synthetic Ground
06 Wetware Outmoded
07 Instinct
08 Extinction Event

File Format: MP3

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