Nøkken, the fossegrim

Justin Scheibel, Lead Violinist, Manager, Producer

Nøkken is the alter-ego of violinist Justin Scheibel. Justin originally was born in Cincinnati, Ohio where he studied music under internationally renown violin soloist Piotr Milewski. Nøkken, his persona, emerged from the Norwegian myth and melded with unusual facets of his identity to take on a life of its own on stage.

Justin specializes in new and modern music, finding equal inspiration in rock guitarists, Zappa, Steve Vai and Buckethead, violin virtuosos of old, and experimental composers, such as Philip Glass and John Cage.

He is co-founder of The Auricle Chamber, a new and modern music ensemble, which had its premier concert on January 15, 2017. He met Karli and Stephen while studying violin at the University of Cincinnati College Conservatory of music.

His recent work as a violin soloist and chamber musician includes performing with Daniel Tannenbaum of "Bekon" for an official showcase on SXSW, live broadcast on KUTX, recording film scores for Austin composer Brian Satterwhite, performing under Dino J.A. Deane for Liminal Austin, premiering new solo and chamber works by composers with the Auricle Chamber,  and working as a session musician and recording artist.

Peryton, The Feathered Stag

Stephen Ian Savage, Composer, Multi-Instrumentalist, Electronics

Stephen grew up in Westerville, Ohio and has been studying the clarinet since age 11.  While working on his degree in music at the University of Cincinnati alongside Justin and Karli, he became obsessed with expanding his musical endeavors into composition, piano and experimenting with electronic music. Stephen's compositions explore thought-provoking subject matter and the relation between music, film and interactive media, especially the deep emotional well of imagination when it becomes unbounded by convention.

He currently studies from Austin film composer Brian Satterwhite and works as co-director/co-founded the Auricle chamber with Justin Scheibel, where his compositions "Overhead Freeway for solo violin", "Stranded on Enceladus" and "And Thus for piano trio" were recently premiered.

As a clarinetist, he champions new and obscure works while pushing the technical limits of the instrument. His former mentors include Jonathan Gunn of University of Texas and Richie Hawley of Rice University.

He has released two albums of experimental solo piano music, which can be found on his bandcamp page:


Ajatar, Woodland demon

Karli Leal, Violist

Karoline “Karli” Leal is a transplanted Californian violist. On the road of life she was going to be an animator, then got distracted by the dulcet tones of the viola and has been doing that ever since. Her formative years in classical music were with numerous Russian pedagogues, foremost of which was Galina André, but with additional instruction from Vladimir Khalikulov, Savely Shalman and David Margetts. Karli completed her Undergraduate Degree at the University of Texas at Austin with Roger Myers, and then went on to do her Masters Degree at the Cincinnati Conservatory of Music with Masao Kawasaki and Catharine Carroll.

Karli has been consistently involved with new music since entering college. At UT she was a core member of the New Music Ensemble directed by Dan Welcher, and has collaborated with many living composers on premieres and performances of their works. She enjoys working in chamber ensembles of unusual instrumentation, but is equally happy playing traditional format symphonies and string quartets. Currently Karli is a member of the Round Rock Symphony and regularly performs with the Mid-Texas Symphony, Waco Symphony and the Austin Opera. She is also a frequent collaborator with the Auricle Chamber, a contemporary classical music ensemble, and Nøkken, a solo violinist based in Austin.

In addition to her musical life, Karli also is a visual artist and graphic designer, chiefly for the Dallas Chamber Symphony but also for various other classical music individuals and organizations. She occasionally does illustrations for literary subjects that strike her fancy. Her work can be viewed at

The Masks of Nøkken + The Grim

The masks were all created by members of the band and are comprised of paper- and cloth-mache, gesso, felt, mesh, water-based paints and sealant.

Nøkken's mask is an original design. The mask of Ajatar and Peryton utilize a template courtesy of Wintercroft which has been modified slightly according to our affect. We appreciate their work and for allowing us to use their designs. You can find more of their printable origami templates for sale here:

Nøkken's ritual shamanistic outfit was created by the artist Lupa Greenwolf, who is an all-around wonderful human being. The mane, ears and tail of Nøkken are real taxidermy horse hair.

As an an animal rights advocate, Justin would not normally endorse the wearing of real animal parts. Nøkken's outfit,  however, has in no way brought injury or harm to animals, and Nøkken holds deep reverence for the animal that died, which he honors by keeping the echoes of his existence alive in his art.

Lupa, the taxidermist, only collects parts in an environmentally friendly way from animals that died of natural cause. She is also a shaman and ritually purifies all parts that are available from her store. A portion of her proceeds go to wildlife protection and animal welfare organizations. I owe her my gratitude for the work she does.